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Bottle Warmer
Bottle Warmer
Bottle Warmer

Warms milk & baby food easily at home safely. The key to warming breast milk while preserving its full nutritional value is to avoid overheating. Your goal is to heat breast milk to approximately at or a bit below body temperature (98.6 F / 37 C). That is really just lukewarm water, not hot. 


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  • Convenient - Warms milk & baby food easily at home and in the car
  • Safe - Heats gently and gradually
  • Easy to Use - Add water and adjust the settings
  • Ideal for all types of feeds - For milk & baby food from the freezer, fridge or room temperature
  • Fits most bottles and baby food jar - wide enough to fit most bottle brands such as Avent, Tommee Tippee, MAM, Dr Browns, etc
  • Portable: easy to carry around and to warm or preserve the heat of milk/water at any time and anywhere
  • Easy to use: you just need to twist the feeding bottle to the warmer unit or fit with the appropriate adapter (adapter can be purchased separately depending of type of bottle used) for a secure fit. 
  • One key operation: just long press and hold the on/off button for two seconds to start and stop the warmer.
  • Comes with 3 temperature settings:  37°C, 40°C, and 45°C. Will automatically keep the milk/water warm when once it reaches the temperature set.
  • Rechargeable with Type-C cable (included here): Recommended to use 5V-3A adapter or 10000mAh power bank to charge the warmer. 
  • Lightweight and not obstructive design
  • Warm quickly and evenly (use to warm baby food too)
  • Gentle defrost setting
  • Become a juicer 
  • No BPA, no toxic plastic, no Phthalate, no Bisphenol
  • Dual function - steriliser and warmer
  • Able to fit 2 bottles at most sizes
  • Convenient
  • Safe material
  • Stable temperature
  • Easy storage BPA free
  • Essential item for home use
  • Works with water
  • Energy saving
  • Fitting standard & wide neck size bottles (can fit Avent Natural or Tommee Tippee 260ml Feeding Bottle)
  • Easy storage
  • Digital LCD display
  • 5 hours preset function
  • Working time adjustable
  • Fits most of the baby bottles
  • Working setting memory function
  • NTC temperature sensor
  • Free of BPA material
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Combo: Sterilizer x 1; Home Warmer x 1
  • Sterilizer can fit up to 6 feeding bottles, teats and pacifier
  • Safe, quick and easy to use 
  • Warmer suitable to warm milk and cereal with adjustable temperature

1) Warm Milk
Our warmer circulates warm water around bottles placed inside. This gentle method ensures even heating, and it doesn’t take too long either.

2) Heat Up
Milk or baby food is warmed slowly, and kept warm at the right temperature for when you need it.

3) Warm Food
As well as baby bottles, you can also use the bottle warmer to gently and evenly warm baby food.

4) Sterilise
Steam sterilises small items to kill harmful germs.

5) Defrost
The bottle warmer features a handy defrost setting. Simply select the setting to defrost frozen milk or baby food.

6) Quick Warm
The bottle warmer will warm 5oz of milk in just any minutes

  • Able to put 2 most wide neck feeding bottles
  • User-friendly interface
  • T-sensor IC 3.0 module heating technology from Germany
  • 6 in 1 functions: 1) warm milk; 2) keep warm; 3) warm food; 4) sterilise; 5) defrost; 6) quick warm
  • Set time setting when you want to warm milk at preferring time and temperature

- Store hot water for warming bottles on the go
- Specially designed to hold Closer to Nature bottles
- No electricity required
- Thermal flask keeps water warm
- Ideal for travelling
- Portable and convenient
- BPA-free
- What is included : 1 x Travel Flask (500ml)

  • Can set temperature at 40, 70 or 100 degree celcius.
  • Suits all major bottle shapes & sizes (include Avent, Medela, NUK, Dr. Browns & etc)
  • Ideal of baby food and milk including formula